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What is whistleblower protection and how can a NJ employment lawyer help?

Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what industry you’re in or what your rank is at your place of employment, you’re in a position where you may witness illegal or questionable conduct or activities by your company or employers. For many employees, this is a situation in which they are morally and legally compelled to report wrongdoing, as these […]

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Marijuana possession in NJ: A small amount means big problems

marijuana possession

While the United States of America is experiencing increasing tolerance for marijuana use, especially for medical use, recreational use of the drug still carries severe consequences under the laws of the State of New Jersey. While this may change under future laws, it is important to realize that currently, law enforcement and the legal system […]

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The best defense against murder/homicide charges in New Jersey

criminla defense attoryney NJ Dennis Calo

Facing murder or homicide charges in the State of New Jersey means dealing with a complex legal system, driven law enforcement agencies and the very real likelihood of life in prison. Facing a murder charge alone, without competent legal assistance, is a recipe for disaster, so the first step is always to ensure that you […]

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Who should hire a NJ employment attorney?

Fired frustrated man in suit sitting at stairs in office.

The workplace can be a tough environment, whether you’re working the retail floor, taking extra shifts at a restaurant or climbing the corporate ladder. However, some employers take advantage of their power to make this environment openly hostile – and this is when you need to get the help of a leading New Jersey employment […]

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The Best Way to Fight Sexual Assault Charges in New Jersey

concept human trafficking,hand girl in shackle

They can happen to a leader of the most powerful country in the world just as easily as they can happen to you – sexual assault charges. The State of New Jersey pursues these cases aggressively and, without the right defense, careers, family lives and reputations can be ruined forever. Here’s how to properly defend […]

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A Guide to New Jersey’s Employment Laws

middle aged male Hispanic worker appearing to be hired or fired or laid off from a job with BLANK name plate for copy space

Whether you’re working for a large corporation, a small family business or multiple jobs at different companies, it’s important to know what your rights are as an employee – and when they’re being violated. This means understanding New Jersey employment laws, including minimum wage laws, the right to unionize and laws against workplace discrimination. Here’s […]

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Is Your NJ Employer Cheating You Out of Overtime?

eployment lawer bergen county new jersey

Every day in New Jersey, countless workers are left without compensation for their overtime work. Some fail to seek an employment lawyer in New Jersey because they are unaware of this loss. Many others know they are willfully being cheated but are unsure how to prove and resolve the situation. How do employers commonly skirt […]

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Can a bar fight mean facing NJ assault and battery charges?

Assault and Battery

In one short word: yes. New Jersey’s assault and battery charges are among some of the strictest in the country and cover a wide range of circumstances ranging from bar fights to domestic violence even serious weapons crimes. Without the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer, the courts are able to apply strict penalties by […]

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Don’t Let A DUI/DWI Charge Ruin Your Career

DUI Attorney

With the end of the year and the festive season approaching, the risk of being charged and convicted of a DUI or DWI increases. The State of New Jersey holds some of the strictest DUI/DWI penalties and punishments in the country, so contacting a top DUI and DWI attorney in NJ is essential if you […]

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A Guide To Child Abuse Charges In New Jersey

concept human trafficking,hand girl in shackle

In the State of New Jersey, charges of child abuse are pursued vigorously by law enforcement and punished harshly by the courts, so it’s important that you understand what these charges really mean and how to fight them. Here’s some useful advice from a leading sex crimes and child abuse defense attorney in NJ. What […]

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