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Don’t Let A DUI/DWI Charge Ruin Your Career

With the end of the year and the festive season approaching, the risk of being charged and convicted of a DUI or DWI increases. The State of New Jersey holds some of the strictest DUI/DWI penalties and punishments in the country, so contacting a top DUI and DWI attorney in NJ is essential if you have been charged.

Who needs a DUI or DWI attorney? 

The answer is simple – anyone who has been charged or knows they will likely be charged with these offenses. The laws in New Jersey prevent plea-bargaining for lesser charges to reduce sentences and fines, and law enforcement pursues these cases determinedly even though they are often simple motor vehicle violations. Your attorney will have the experience, inside connections and resilience to fight for your rights and achieve a reduced or even zero-jail time penalty.

Don’t put your career, reputation and family at risk 

Even a minor DUI or DWI conviction will become part of your record – for life. It is standard to check for these offenses when hiring for jobs, making it difficult or even impossible for you to find even basic work. This puts strain on family life, creates a permanent social stigma and can haunt you for your lifetime, which is why the attorney you choose needs to know exactly how to fight these cases to protect your rights, your future and your career.

Speak to a top attorney today for expert DUI and DWI legal defense 

If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI offense, no matter how minor, you can benefit from effective legal representation. Dennis Calo, dui defense attorney and a former prosecutor, offers over 40 years of experience and insight into both sides of the legal system to build a strong and robust defense for each of his valued clients.

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