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How many types of court are there?

The judicial system of India is mainly consisting of three types of courts- the Supreme Court, The High Courts and the subordinate courts.

What is the difference between circuit and district court in Kentucky?

The County Attorney's office prosecutes criminal, traffic and juvenile cases in District Court. Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all felony cases, civil cases of more than $5,000, divorce and custody cases, appeals from District Court and contested probate cases.

What is the difference between a district judge and a circuit judge?

Circuit judges rank below High Court judges but above District judges. They may be appointed to sit as deputy High Court judges, and some of the more senior circuit judges are eligible to sit in the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal.

What does a circuit judge do?

Circuit court judges are ultimately responsible for overseeing court cases involving matters ranging from felonies to tax disputes.

Which judges have the shortest terms?

Shortest Supreme Court tenureRankJusticeLength in days1William O. Douglas13,3582Stephen Johnson Field12,6143John Paul Stevens12,6114John Marshall ( CJ )filas más

Why do judges have life terms?

The lifetime appointment is designed to ensure that the justices are insulated from political pressure and that the court can serve as a truly independent branch of government. Justices can't be fired if they make unpopular decisions, in theory allowing them to focus on the law rather than politics.

How much do Cook County Circuit Court judges make?

Effective July 1, 2019, judicial salaries, as determined by the legislature, were: Supreme court justices, $240,016; appellate court judges, $225,900; circuit court judges, $207,291; and associate judges, $196,926.

Do you have to run to be a judge?

Judges get their jobs through either election or appointment. Running for election as a judge typically requires registering for a political party, raising money, and running a campaign. Earning an appointment to a judicial position often involves making community connections as well.

Why did you become a judge?

Many people want to be judges because they think it is a prestigious job that will make life easier, or it's hard work but it's better than billing hours. Talk to judges and find out exactly what they do and how they go about it.