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What is a term hearing in circuit court?

“Term day” refers to the day on which a term of court commences. The times for commencement of terms for each circuit court are set out in Rule 1:15. Term day is also the day on which the docket of pending cases is usually called, as well as the day on which the grand jury convenes.

What do we mean by Circuit Court?

A specific tribunal that possesses the legal authority to hear cases within its own geographical territory. A circuit court is ordinarily an inferior trial-level court; appeals are heard by superior courts possessing the requisite jurisdiction.

What is a circuit judge why are they called that?

The name "circuit court" is derived from the fact that judges rotate around the geographical areas — circuits —- covered by their court system. In this way, circuit courts can be very influential as they are able to set a legal precedent when deciding appeals.

What is a Purple judge?

Circuit judges are judges in England and Wales who sit in the Crown Court, county courts and some specialized sub-divisions of the High Court of Justice, such as the Technology and Construction Court. They are sometimes referred to as "purple judges" on account of their purple colour dress robes.

Are circuit judges appointed for life?

Circuit court judges are appointed for life by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Any case may be appealed to the circuit court once the district court has finalized a decision (some issues can be appealed before a final decision by making an “interlocutory appeal”).

What do you call a circuit judge?

Some Circuit Judges – for example, The Recorder of Liverpool or Central Criminal Court judges – are referred to as “My Lord” or “My Lady”.

How do you address an envelope to a judge?

On the outer envelope, refer to a Judge by his or her formal title, which is “The Honorable,” followed by his formal name. For a married Judges, include his or her spouses' title.

Is it appropriate to write a letter to a judge?

No. Sometimes people will send a letter or document to the judge and ask the judge not to tell the other party. Although you may have information that you want the judge to know about and keep in confidence, the judge is still required to disclose any ex parte communications to all parties.

How do you ask a judge for leniency?

Type the salutation for the letter, such as "Dear Judge Jones," followed by a colon after the judge's last name. Type one or two sentences, telling the judge why you are writing, explaining that you are asking for leniency.