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Former Prosecutor Now Defense Attorney

Former Bergen County Prosecutor Turned NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Can Uniquely Protect Your Future & Your Freedom

Unfortunately good people can run into problems with the law. Where some have made a mistake, others have been wrongfully accused. Regardless of the position you are in, you and your family, deserve a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your future and your freedom.

Dennis Calo is one of the most prominent and respected criminal and civil trial attorneys in Bergen County, with more than 40 years of experience in both state and federal courts. As a former prosecutor he truly understands the criminal justice system from every angle and uses this knowledge to help his clients obtain the best possible results for their individual circumstances. Throughout his career, he has secured a significant number of dropped charges, reduced charges, dismissals, not guilty verdicts and acquittals for his clients.

The Advantages of Retaining a Former Prosecutor as your Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can be extremely frightening. The criminal justice system is not a friendly place, and prosecutors do their best to ignite fear in those accused of crimes. Regardless of the type or seriousness of the charge, you need to protect yourself. By retaining former prosecutor Dennis Calo, you are choosing a legal advocate who has:

  • Intimate knowledge of prosecution strategies.
  • Extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom.
  • A solid understanding of how prosecutors build cases and pursue convictions.
  • Ability to recognize how all decisions affect filing charges.
  • Intimate knowledge of how cases progress.

Quick and Concise Case Evaluation

Typically prosecutor case loads are piled high which means they must learn to quickly evaluate a case for its strengths and weaknesses.  Dennis knows how to apply this skill set and use it to locate any faults in evidence and weaknesses in the case which may be exploited to your advantage.

Extensive Experience in Conducting Jury Trials

Retaining a former prosecutor representing you will almost guarantee that your lawyer will have the prior jury trial experience necessary to provide you with the best defense possible. When a trial is the best way to get the results that you deserve, Dennis Calo is fully prepared for a courtroom battle.

Negotiating Better Plea Bargains

When an exoneration or dismissal of charges is out of the question, it becomes necessary to negotiate a plea bargain, such as for a reduced sentence or a lesser charge. As former prosecutor, Dennis can be an invaluable asset in this situation, as he knows first-hand how far the Prosecutor will go in making a deal. The first offer is almost never the best arrangement possible, but you can trust that Dennis knows how to push the prosecution to secure better terms for you.

Ability to Secure Results through Many Routes

In many cases, a plea bargain may be the best option for an individual; however, it should never be the only option. Having tried numerous cases in front of judges and juries, Dennis Calo understands how to present evidence, how jurors may react and how to counter the prosecution’s witnesses. Mr. Calo is also a recognized expert in applying forensic scientific techniques in investigations and the court room. Former prosecutor Dennis Calo knows how to combat the strategies of the prosecution and he is ready to help you face any type of misdemeanor or felony charge head on, including:

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If you are facing criminal charges, the sooner you contact Dennis Calo, the better chance we will have to prepare a successful defense.

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