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Murder Homicide

Homicide cases are incredibly complicated and difficult; one false move could result in a sentence of life in prison, without parole.

Fearless Murder-Homicide Trial Attorney Who Will Level the Playing Field

Murder defense attorneyMurder offenses are often complex, multi-dimensional cases that can involve extensive police and crime scene investigations as well as forensic evidence.  Conviction of murder can land you in prison for life. When facing murder charges, it may feel like the system is stacked against you.  Considering the life-damaging consequences of a homicide conviction, you are in dire need of a criminal defense attorney that can level the playing field. Dennis Calo is fearless and unrelenting in advocating for his clients. Dennis Calo got his experience in trying homicide cases as Chief of the Bergen County Homicide Squad which he headed for 11 years.  During that time, he handled hundreds of homicide investigations and tried major homicide cases, including capital murder and serial killer murder cases.  Now he will go to bat for you and you can rest assured that he will:

  • Operate on a “trial first, negotiations second,” premise.
  • Work endlessly to find the key to your acquittal.
  • Strive for a verdict in your favor.
  • Never accept a plea bargain unless it is in your best interest and you are satisfied with the resolution.

He has delivered expert legal representation with tremendous success reducing jail time, fines and charges on his client’s criminal records. Over 40 years of experience, thorough investigation and case preparation are what make the difference in Dennis Calo’s client outcomes. He can defend your murder-homicide charges including:

  • Murder
  • Felony Murder
  • Aggravated Manslaughter
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder in Self-Defense
  • Vehicular Homicide

If you have been charged with murder-homicide it is critical that you contact Dennis Calo immediately.

You don’t have to kill someone in cold blood to be charged with murder


Murder is the most serious charge that can be brought against you. If convicted of Murder, a defendant is required by law to serve at least 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole.  If aggravating factors exist the sentence may be life without parole.  Murder charges fall into two categories: (1) purposeful or knowing murder, and (2) felony murder.

  • Purposeful or Knowing Murder: The name of this crime speaks for itself.  In order to sustain a conviction, the prosecutor must prove – beyond a reasonable doubt – that the defendant purposely caused death or acted knowing that death would most likely occur.  Contrary to what you may see on television, this does not mean that the prosecutor needs to show that a murder was carefully thought out and planned.
  • Felony Murder: Felony murder is often an incidental consequence of an offender carrying out another offense that would be considered a felony. Even if you did not mean to hurt anyone but a death occurred, you could face extensive time in prison if convicted under the Felony Murder statute. Generally speaking, felony murder requires proof of several different factors including that a person died during the course of a felony, that the death was the result of criminal agency of the offender, and an act of the offender was a proximate cause of death.

Aggravated Manslaughter

Aggravated Manslaughter is the crime of recklessly causing death under circumstances of extreme indifference to human life.  Aggravated manslaughter carries a possible prison term of up to 30 years.


Manslaughter is often referred to as murder that occurs “in the heat of passion.”  It is a killing without malice or premeditation and it is punishable by 20 years in prison.

New Jersey Murder Defense Attorney Dennis Calo Will Challenge Your Charges

In murder-homicide cases, there may be many opportunities to challenge the state’s case:

  • Can the prosecutor prove the underlying crime?
  • Is there a sufficient connection between that and the death that allegedly resulted from it?
  • Was there some other cause that contributed?
  • How can forensic evidence be used to your advantage?

Preparation and trial skills may mean the difference between a guilty verdict and an acquittal. With decades of experience as a criminal defense trial attorney, Dennis is a recognized expert in applying forensic scientific techniques in investigations and the court room. He has an innate ability to recognize these opportunities and use them to your advantage. He will pinpoint the issues and analyze the evidence to build you a solid defense.

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A murder conviction can have a substantial negative impact on your and your family’s life. Don’t put your freedom in the hands of just any criminal defense lawyer. Dennis Calo is a former prosecutor with extensive experience in murder cases.

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