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Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Defense Attorney In New Jersey

If you are accused of a sex crime, including sexual assault or child abuse in NJ, you need to consult a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Sex crime defense attorneyUnder no circumstances should you begin answering questions or submit to a law enforcement interview without arming yourself with an attorney experienced in defending sex crime cases.

Even if you are not formally charged, the sooner you establish your defense strategy the more likely you will avoid jail time and the stigma of being a sex offender.

What is that stigma? Well the mere accusation of a sex crime or sexual assault can have a devastating effect on your life, destroy your reputation, derail your ability to get a job, and ruin personal relationships. If you are convicted, you face a lifetime of registration as a sex offender and potentially severe criminal penalties. Regardless of the severity or circumstances of your offense, your sex offender designation becomes public record, and your friends, neighbors and employers will be able to see this easily for the rest of your life.

Do not give up hope if you have been accused of a sex crime. There are successful defense strategies and techniques that can be applied whether you are accused of a violent or non-violent sex offense. These defense strategies when skillfully applied can quite literally save your life.

What is Considered a Sex Crime Offense?

There are various types of crimes that are prosecuted in New Jersey such as:

  1. Rape–In New Jersey “aggravated sexual assault” is the legal term for rape. You can be accused of rape no matter how slight the contact if physical force or coercion is used or the victim is shown to be physically or mentally handicapped.
  2. Sexual Contact (Touching)
  3. Lewdness (Exhibitionism)

As is clear from this list, you don’t have to even physically touch someone to be accused of a sex crime. Often sex crimes result from misunderstandings between two individuals where justice is not served by branding one of them a “sex offender” for the rest of their life. Other times the victim may “change their mind” about what occurred after the fact.

Regardless of your situation, you deserve a prompt effective defense from an attorney that really knows NJ sexual assault law and the Bergen County and New Jersey Court systems. 

Dennis Calo can provide that defense.

Child Abuse

Sex crimes that involve children or minors are often termed child abuse. The stigma, loss of reputation and other consequences attached to such accusations are often more devastating than those attached to “ordinary” sex crimes.  The criminal sentences for child abuse are generally more severe than sentences for sex crimes committed against adults. The investigation, preparation and trial of child abuse cases is critical and often life saving for those accused of such crimes.

Dennis Calo is skilled in investigation, preparation and trail and will give your case the intense and individual attention it deserves.

Sex Crimes Attorney Defense Strategy

As a former lead prosecutor for over a decade with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and an attorney who has both prosecuted and defended individuals accused of sex crimes, Dennis Calo knows a few things about how prosecutors approach serious sex crime cases. For one thing the prosecution is not going to cut you any breaks. Don’t expect to get the “benefit of the doubt” on anything in a sex crime case. Your lawyer will likely need to fight for everything and challenge every piece of evidence.  It’s a simple fact that in cases of sexual assault and child abuse, the prosecution won’t risk being “soft” on these types of charges. Even if the facts are shaky and the evidence weak, the prosecutors are not going to be eager to dismiss the charges in those cases.

On the other hand, sexual assault and child abuse cases generally pit the word of the accused against the word of the victim. There are rarely eyewitnesses, and these are typically “he said, she said” cases, so thorough investigation is a must. Credibility can be a key point, and expert witnesses are often a useful tool that can tip the scales toward your defense.

Physical evidence may be available immediately after the alleged act. This evidence can be used in your defense if you obtain an effective defense team immediately who knows their way around the NJ state prosecutorial system.

An Experienced Sex Crime Lawyer Matters

The defense of sex crimes and child abuse cases is different from other areas of criminal law and requires very specific techniques and experience. An effective defense team often employs psychologists, computer forensic examiners, private investigators and an attorney with the expertise to apply these tools and who knows his way around the courtroom to give you an effective trial.

To say you need an attorney that presents an “aggressive defense” is an understatement. The stakes are too high here for your attorney to be merely just aggressive. He must be tough, smart and an accomplished courtroom practitioner.

Dennis Calo is Tough, He is Smart and After Years of Trying Cases, He knows the Court Room

You Need Dennis Calo As Your Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Dennis Calo spent years leading prosecutors at the Bergen County Prosecutor. He now puts that knowledge to work for you in defense of your sex crime case. With the help of Dennis Calo and his team, you have a fighting chance.


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