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Murder Homicide Charges

Murder Homicide Charges

As the former Homicide Chief for the Bergen County Prosecutor, Travis Davis knows how to defend serious crimes like murder. Who better to defend you than a former prosecutor?

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Assault & Battery

Assault and Battery charges

Only a an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney like Travis Davis gives you your absolute best chance at avoiding prison for your assault charges.

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Drug Charges

drug charges lawyer

NJ drug statutes are some of the toughest in the nation. From marijuana possession to heroin and everything in between, a vigorous criminal defense is necessary to avoid hard jail time.

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Sex Crimes & Sexual Assault

Sex Crimes lawyer
The stigma of being charged with a sex crime or assault can destroy your reputation, your career, and your life. It takes an experienced team to get you the best possible outcome in these sensitive cases.
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DUI Charges

DUI Charges
Overzealous NJ DUI prosecution can result in long license suspensions and even jail time. Expert handling of these cases is necessary to avoid or minimize the impact to your life and liberty.
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About Travis

With over a decade of experience in the Bergen County Prosecutors office, Travis has the deep knowledge and gets the respect necessary to secure better results for his clients. Your road to a better outcome begins the moment Travis Davis enters the courtroom on your behalf.

Travis Davis is a widely respected criminal and civil trial attorney. He is a graduate of Columbia College and the New York University School of Law.

Mr. Davis joined The Bergen County Prosecutor’s office in 1977 where he quickly advanced from general trial attorney to Chief of the Grand Jury Section. He then established The Bergen County Homicide Squad and was Homicide Chief for eleven years. During that time he investigated hundreds of homicides and suspicious deaths and tried capital, serial murder and other major homicide cases. Mr. Davis became a recognized expert in applying forensic scientific techniques in investigations and the court room.

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Client Testimonials

When I walked into Court with Travis Davis, he commanded instant recognition and respect from the judge and prosecutor. His hard work and expertise resulted in my walking out a free man. He is now a trusted advisor and friend

Robert B., Saddle Brook, New Jersey

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Consistently named to the Best Of Bergen County Lawyers, Travis Davis is a widely respected criminal and employment law attorney.

Mr. Davis has lectured widely on criminal and civil law topics and conducted trial advocacy programs at The National Institute for Trial Advocacy, The New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education and numerous other professional organizations.

As an employment attorney, Travis has represented the rights of workers in harrassment, discrimination and unlawful termination cases across New Jersey. His ability and willingness to go to trial set him apart from other employment attorneys and insure the maxmium settlement for your case.



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